The Site is up again. Discussion.

Michael Koenig, Munich | Comments 17 Jul

*On Tue, Jul 12, 2011 at 4:59 PM, Michael Koenig wrote:
Hi guys, the
site is up again. Anyone interested in uploading
moving objects?
We try to make internet tv/radio station for
Your old log-ins would still work.

Am 12.07.2011 um 18:44 schrieb josh.gura:
is it possible to create a streaming or looping random-ish playlist?
maybe if things were up to one minute long as a guideline?

On Sat, Jul 16, 2011 at 3:29 PM, Michael Koenig wrote:
hmm don’t know how it would be
possible to randomize. Frankly
I have no idea.

Guideline maybe three minutes
just about the length of a normal pop-song.
do we need a guideline as long as were
are so few?

Am 16.07.2011 um 15:59 schrieb josh.gura:
dont know sir.
the one minute or 3 minute guideline makes it so that its easier to create content.
i have been doing one minute videos for my school gallery, pointing the camera at art students individually for one minute. no editing.
maybe its kind of dumb, but creates content quickly:

Michael Koenig Datum: 17. Juli 2011 09:20:23 MESZ
I think you can add youtube videos with a comma or
a semicolon
would that be a solution for you?
so you got probably 20, 30 windows with the player.

hmmm. let’s say about 3 minutes….?

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Michael Koenig, Munich | Comments 15 Jul

Kuljetusvaurio means transport damage in english.
(hope anybody corrects me if this is wrong or means
something explicit- I just liked the letters)
it’s more a try than anything else of a music video…
movie consisting of a still picture of footbridge to a lake, sometimes something changes more sometimes less and music produced by the Robopigs ©2011, which is a fender lead 2 directly to the computer or thru an alesis + some alesis sounds,
maybe some people can imagine what it’s about..very simple made…

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Dennis Bellone, New York | Comments 10 Jul

I’ve been interested in sound for sometime but have never really given it as much attention as I would like but for One Year I will be putting up links to some sound experiments. Most likely a bit self-indulgent.

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all messages have been played

Dennis Bellone, New York | Comments 10 Jul

mash up of old

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One Year On Earth continues now exclusively with video and audio Material

Michael Koenig, Munich | Comments 5 Jul

So everybody who wants to contribute can contact us.

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art sound site

Dennis Bellone, New York | 1 Comment 4 Jul

very good historical documents of artists via sound files

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